I always wanted one as a child, so when I saw a heap of DIY ones on Pinterest, I couldn't help but make one for Missy.

Its really exciting this year because she's starting to understand Christmas and Santa, and all the special things we do to celebrate. Christmas morning should be a blast.

This Advent Calendar is for the 12 Days of Christmas, not the whole month because I was running late,  Missy doesn't need that much chocolate.

The nice thing about this style of calendar is that its easy to slide an envelope off the end each day, and you can choose to count up or down to the big day.

I always have difficulty trying to find the right materials for DIY projects, but this one is super simple - you should be able to get everything from a dollar store or the newsagents.

Its also very versatile, so you can easily make it match any theme.

By the way, our computer is still not playing nice, so I have heaps of iPad picks again. Oh well.


Materials you need:
  • Twelve white A5 envelopes
  • Twelve parcel tags (from the newsagent, but you could easily use pretty scrapbooking card if you can't find them)
  • Twelve silver thumbtacks
  • Two metres of ribbon
  • A nice pen
  • Scissors
  • Holepunch
  • Chocolates (I used Bounty Bars which nicely come in a pack of twelve)

STEP 1: Cut your envelopes down to a squarish size, making sure you cut off the top opening end, not the bottom as I did (3 times). Put chocolates in. Fold the tops over and punch holes through the folded parts. 

STEP 2: Write numbers on the front of the tags (you could stencil or stamp these if you want), and write a Christmas activity or outing on the back.

STEP 3: Align your parcel tag between the hole punches and push through a thumbtack to secure. Now, this is the tricky part. Use your scissors to bend the back of the thumbtack so it lies flat. I used the scissors to bend it a little (no idea where Dan put his pliers), and the bottom of the holepunch to bash it flat. Told you I was a talented DIYer! Complete this for the remaining envelopes, then simply thread them onto your ribbon.

STEP 4: String it up and you're  done!

Let me know if you're making an Advent Calendar like this one - I'd love to see photos!

I'll be back later this afternoon with something else to DIY for Christmas!

All the best,